Torch Battle Guide

tl;dr: never ever do anything in torches before 2045 game time

Torch Battle is really simple but understanding why we have rules is a bit more complicated.

There are 300 guilds per battle, and we want to hide our guild in the middle of the ranking so no one attacks us. If we haul early, we jump to the top of the list, and lazy people just attack us first and we lose all our torches. So NEVER EVER HAUL TORCHES BEFORE 2045 GAME TIME. Please.

Why can we haul at 2045? Because the ranking updates every five minutes. So, if we jump to the top of the pack at 2050, it’s pretty much too late for anyone to target us anyway.

So, at 2045 choose your enemy and send your 10 fastest best 1-on-1 heroes out. We haul from page 13, so join us there and gang up on those guilds.

Also, we can defend and regain lost torches if we are attacked. As a rule we don’t start defending until 2050, in case we are swamped with attackers. Let them steal all our torches so they will stop targeting us. Then at 2050 we start defending and shouldn’t be attacked much more.

At 21:00 collect the shards and honour badge rewards 🙂