Fortress Feud Basics

Fortress Feud is a fairly laid-back experience, but there are some important guidelines to keep in mind in order to ensure victory.


FF starts with 4 guilds in each corner of a map. Each player in each guild makes up three teams of heroes and sends them out to capture bases. The goal is to capture and control the most towers at the end of three 20 minute intervals. Points are awarded at the end of each interval for each tower held:

Outposts 20 Capture Points
Strongholds 50 Capture Points
Fortress 160 Capture Points


Unless you are one of the strikers (players with high might and super powerful teams), please follow two rules:

  1. Never send a team out to a tower that doesn’t already belong to us. If it doesn’t yet have our colour on it, don’t move there!
  2. Move your teams one tower at a time, because ownership of towers changes.

No matter who you are, until we hear otherwise, there is a third rule:

3. Do not ever click on the eye icon to watch a battle. There is a glitch that sometimes causes your team to lose the battle when you do.

Team composition for players who are not strikers depends on what sort of heroes you have. If you are just a lowly smurf, you can send out teams with one hero each, as it slows down those trying to attack us. Just never send such teams to a tower not yet occupied by us, and move them one tower at a time.


Squads and directions will be given out in Discord. Follow them, and the rules above, and when one of your teams dies, remake with new heroes. After 20 minutes, your heroes will be revived and you can refresh your teams and start over.

Good luck and have fun!