Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars

This guide is just meant as a primer to get newcomers familiar with guild wars (gw). Doing well at guild wars takes skill, practice, and good heroes, none of which you’ll get from reading this, unfortunately.


Guild wars is every Sunday and Thursday. It lasts from midnight to midnight server time, so you have 24 hours to complete your “runs”. Failure to participate in guild wars may very well result in a kick from the guild. Sorry, but being in a pro CC guild is a commitment.

During the 24 hour period, you can enter the guild war interface by clicking on your guild hall -> Colosseum -> Guild War. You will be presented with a picture of four doors. These are the enemy guilds. Clicking on the door gives you a list of targets and their might. Higher might means more points, but is obviously more difficult as well.

Double clicking on a target opens a familiar raid interface. Differences are:

  1. You can’t use spells in guild wars
  2. Instead of gold and mana, you see a number in the top right corner. This is total points you can get from this target, based on their might.
  3. If you don’t destroy at least 50% of the base (one flame), the attack doesn’t count, and any dead heroes didn’t actually die.
  4. If you destroy 50% of the base, you get 50% of the points; if you also destroy the town hall, you get 70%. If you destroy the entire base (not counting heroes), you get 100%.
  5. You have five chances to attack; failed attacks do not count. Please make sure you use up all five chances in the 24h period.

Basic Strategy

There are two strategies, depending on whether you are classified as a smurf (relatively low-might account) or a main.

If you are a high might player, you should try to get 100% of the points against the highest might opponents you can. Start at the top and work your way down until you find a base that you think you can get 100% on. Watch the % count carefully, and if it looks like you are not going to destroy the entire base, click exit before it gets to 40%, otherwise you risk going over 50% and getting only partial points.

If you are a low might player, you can get more points by attacking targets much higher than you and just going for 70% of the points (50% destroyed including the town hall). A 20k smurf can sometimes get 70% points on a 200k base! Check our discord channel for targets.

Advanced Strategy: Sniping

A common technique for beginners, sniping is the safest because it involves targeting enemy heroes, not buildings. A good snipe team can often take out all the enemy heroes well before reaching 50% of the base destroyed, so it is easy to know whether to cancel the attack or let it finish.

Heroes that target other heroes include Aries, Warlock, Grim Reaper, Pixie, and Anubis. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

Other heroes often used with sniping are Cupid, Skull Knight, and Treantaur. Cupid buffs ATK and gives energy for the snipers, Skull Knight cleans up the base and any heroes left, and Treantaur works to revive the snipers if they die before the enemy heroes are dead.

Advanced Strategy: Smurfing

Low might player seeking 70% (two-flame) have many options. Doom Balloon is great for this, and heroes that can weaken buildings, like Santa Boom and Thunder God, are great too. Doom Balloon targets weakened buildings first, so drop a hero with it once SB or TG have done their job. Don’t think you have to drop all heroes at once… sometimes you have to let a few heroes die before dropping others to clean up. Just make sure you get the town hall before going over 50%, or you’ll only get 50% of points, rather than 70%.

Advanced Strategy: Others

Other strategies you can look up on YouTube include hero-to-hero (H2H) where you try and take the base by brute force, cheesing where you stack Ghoulem with Doom Balloon or Dread Drake on the enemy Ghoulem or Dread Drake and wait for the base to destroy itself while neither hero dies, and Mino Bomb for those who have Minotaur to just blast the base to shreds.

For more info on guild wars including reward information, please see the Wikia page: