They See We Rollin’

So, our second Guild War today, and our first Fortress Feud! As expected, we wiped the floor with the competition in Fortress Feud, only retreating in the third round out of pity:


So congrats  everyone! Awesome rewards from FF 🙂

Guild Wars we’re gonna come in second. I know, I know, we all want first. If I can try to explain what happened:

In order to qualify for Fortress Feud, we needed to get to a certain might by the end of Friday. This forced us to do a mad recruiting dash (we never poached anyone! all new members on Friday came from in game chat!) with little concern for quality. Unfortunately, when the rest of our friends joined Saturday, along with a few high might newcomers, our might skyrocketed to rank 602. We weren’t ready for that, so getting a close second place is a great result. Tomorrow we will look at our detailed results and restructure accordingly – 0s and HBM bases during guild wars is not acceptable, sorry!

Finally, I’d just like to quickly address the negativity directed our way and say for the record that AFAIK, none of our people “poached” members from other guilds, nor did any of us encourage anyone to leave a guild, during guild wars or otherwise. The secret of our recruiting success has more to do with hard work (in in-game chat) and humility on our part – people like us because we are likeable 🙂 Our guild has only a loose power structure; we add core members to admin and make decisions as a group. There is no “follow the rules or GTFO” here!

It’s been a long week, so I may be rambling 🙂 good night and thanks everyone for making this guild such a great experience!


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